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Care Products

Quartz is very low maintenance and impervious. Cleaning with Hot soapy water and a buff with a microfiber cloth are usually sufficient. Quartz is generally more resilient to everyday oil and food spills that lighter porous natural stone Care should be taken when placing very hot objects directly onto the surface. It is advised that highly acidic products (lemon juice, vinegar etc) should not be left on the surface for long periods of time.

Here are some examples of the products we use which can be purchased and used periodically according to individual specifications.

We finish all of our works with the relevant care products before they leave our workshop, in some instances we will treat again on site if required.

LithofinMN Stain-stop

This special impregnation optimally protects absorbent, stain-sensitive natural and artificial stone surfaces against staining. Largely prevents penetration of oil, grease and water and makes further maintenance easier. Highly recommended in kitchen and bathroom. No health concerns once dry, according to FMPA report.

Coverage: approx. 7-15m²/L

Packaging: 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L

Lithofin MN Care-Seal


Shiny protective film, which strengthens colour and gloss. For initial treatment of new rough surfaces, and for occasional care of worn surfaces which have become matt.

Coverage: approx. 20m²/L undiluted, up to 200m² for diluted application.

Packaging: 1L, 5L

Lithofin MN Care-Sheen

Care SheenFor occasional restoration of sheen on polished marble and other stone floors. Forms a fine surface film and is the ideal additional care for all shiny floors. Also highly suitable for first treatment of coarse and other matt finishes.

Coverage: approx. 200m²/L if used in washing water, about 20m²/L (pure)

Packaging: 1L, 5L

Lithofin MN Polish CreamPolish

Protects and maintains all polished stone surfaces. Makes water-repellent and produces excellent gloss. Ideal for the care of kitchen work tops, vanity tops, tables and similar small surfaces. Presents no health concerns once dry, according to FMPA report

Coverage: approx. 4m²/100ml Packaging: 125ml, 500ml

wexaLithofin WEXA

Dissolves and thoroughly removes grease and oil deposits, care material residues, wax films, soot and the like.

Coverage: ca.7-15m²/L

Packaging: 1L, 5L

Lithofin EASY-CARE

easycareFor maintenance of all flooring surfaces Universally usable for cleaning all water-resistant interior surfaces, such as all ceramic tiles, clinker, brick and clay slabs, all types of stone, plastics, lacquered surfaces etc. For gentle cleaning and maintenance. Colours will become stronger with regular use, making floors more attractive.

Coverage: Use one squirt (ca. 20 ml) per 10 L bucket of water.

Packaging: 1L, 5L


stainawayDissolves hardened wax layers, sealants, oil stains and grease residues, coats of paint and lacquer etc.

Coverage: approx. 7-10m²/L
Packaging: 1L

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